I suppose I’ve been eating Fish.  I never care what I eat while I’m outside.

Fish is delicious. Of course I’m eating Vegetables, too.

What is good to digest all those ingredients I’ve took into my body?

Drink Detox Tea everyday?

I heard Spirulina is effective.

But the one I could find in Japan says you need to take 40 pills every day.


The ones in America say 6 pills per day and also it is made in Hawaii, it might be better.

Rather than buying in Japan, I’m importing things personally from US by internet, which makes things cheaper.

Also I’m importing foods recently.

Such as Pancake mix, german rye bread named Pumpernickel, Coconut Oil, Flaxseed Oil, and also Organic Shampoo, Organic Conditioner, Rose Water, Organic Soap, Evening Primrose, Vitamin C

Organic Toothpaste, Cleanser, Cranberries, Coconut Powder, Apple Fiber, Chia Seeds, Agave Syrup, Manuka Honey, Curry Powder, Rooibos Tea, Salt from the Dead Sea, Pink Salt, Jojoba Oil, Almond Oil, Peppermint Tea, Chamomile Tea, Holy Basil Tea

Curry made with Coconut Oil tasted good.

It matches because of the Coconut Milk, like Green Curry,

because it doesn’t oxidize easily from heating.

Zucchini fried in Coconut Oil also tasted good.

Coconut Oil goes well with Pancakes, too.

But before eating, I got burnt by the Oil, which spattered when I was cooking.

I suggest using it instead of Butter for people who bake Bread at home.

But you can’t eat it with Pasta.

I wonder if the Coconuts come from Southeast Asia?

The Virgin Coconut Oil which I bought was from Malaysia.

I heard people in the Philippines take a sip of Coconut Oil every day for their health.

In Finland, I saw a beautiful woman spreading Coconut Oil on her body in sauna.

That is why I was curious about Coconut Oil.

I never heard of putting it on your body.

She, the beautiful woman, was using the edible Coconut Oil from the glass bottle.

It didn’t come up into my mind for a while but I remembered,

The French girl whom I stayed with in the UK on my summer holiday always smelled like Coconuts after the shower. I was 15 at that time.

The town I stayed in for one year after my summer holiday was in the northern part of the UK and used to be a colliery town.

The colliery was abandoned and many people were unemployed.  Everything looked dull while I was there.

That “everything looked dull” may have been because of the gray weather.

The girl who lived next door was my close friend, and her father was also unemployed.

She was fond of death metal and always wore black clothes.  She was studying to be a teacher someday.

She had blond hair and warm heart, was a vegetarian, and always wore glasses while studying.

Later on, I learned that the town had the highest rate of teen pregnancies in the UK.

The drinking age was 16, so teenagers were swilling beer in the pubs with no compunctions.

I also had a beer with her on my 16th birthday.

As I recall, someone with a good voice was singing a George Michael’s song.

Karaoke was in vogue.

While I was in the UK, everyone was talking about BSE and Mad Cow Disease.

I avoided eating Stew and Spaghetti with meat sauce which was served once a week at my host family’s place.

In a roundabout way, my parents in Japan told me not to eat Beef.

In spite of that, I think I tried such dishes a few times.

I felt ashamed not eating because the 3-year-old and the 8-year-old and 14-year-old were eating and I was 15 years old, older than them.

Fashion was one of the things I was keen on.

There was a TOPSHOP store also in that town and my classmates were saying it was cool to wear TOPSHOP clothes.  I went to buy something but couldn’t find a single thing I wanted.  Instead, Roxy, a second-hand clothing shop, became my favorite.

Every article of clothing in the basement was under £5. Many were from the 60′s or 70′s and      I was thrilled about them.

Fifteen years later, TOPSHOP came to my home town.

I took a look, but there was nothing I wanted to buy, just as before.

The BGM was House and Techno music.

Being surrounded by loads of clothes in the big store with its high ceilings made me feel incredibly sad.  I’m not sure why.

There was a rack with many items of the same design but different sizes.  I know longer knew whether I wanted anything or not.


Text for Nile Koetting‘s art work about shopping,the title is “ayao”

Original sound and light with programming

Translation* Nana koetting