It is my aspiration to create works that transcend national and linguistic borders. I am interested in things that become the mirrors of the viewer and have a fundamental quality. All things existing in the world and cosmos have borders, and on the surface, we live in a world of borders with others. In fact, however, all things interact, flow, mingle, and metamorphose. It is the border lines between two conflicting things that is the focus of my interest. This can be considered a nebulous world, but I take it as a deeper and more profound one. Through my works, I try to reproduce and experience the sensations that cannot be completely captured in daily life.                                                                                                                                                                         AYAO SHIOKAWA 2008

We spend our days going back and forth between the outer world and the inner one.
At some point, I noticed that, when there was a distinct separation between the outer world and myself, everything looked dazzlingly bright.
It is a place that somehow conjures up mellow, nostalgic feelings.
But I cannot stay there for long.
The border lines shrouded in nebulous, soft, and elusive light metamorphose as they mingle with and bounce off shadows.
I observed this and decided to stare at the few scant afterimages lingering in my mind.
And I recall the touch of the light that passed through me.
Ayao Shiokawa  2007